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Once in a while, an idea comes along with the potential to truly make the world a better place.  Suspended Aperitivo is one of those ideas. Thanks to Stanley Tucci for introducing us to this concept on his show “Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy”.

It started in the coffee shops of Italy after World War II when Italians were trying to rebuild after the devastation. The tradition was that those who were prospering more would give a hand and a cup of coffee to other locals who were still struggling. Here are a few reasons to consider our program:


First, it’s simple. Come to Aperitivo and instead of buying just one cup of coffee, you buy two, or more. You buy one for yourself and “suspend” one for a random person in need. This donation can be made in amounts as small as $1 or as large as $1000. The cashier takes your money and “suspends” it until someone in need comes in to redeem that “suspended” donation. The people in need could be a family struggling to make ends meet, or he or she could be a single parent trying to get through the day. It could be an elderly person on a very limited income. It could be a job seeker or student with only a temporary need.

Second, it’s direct. Your purchase is given to someone in need with only Aperitivo as intermediary. You do not need to worry if your money is going to help someone in need or just to take care of a charity’s overhead and expenses. You also have the knowledge that your donation will go directly to the mouths of those in need, and they can order whatever they want from our menu!

Third, it’s win-win. You not only support a person in need, you also support Aperitivo and our staff. Your money does not go to another state, country, or continent.  It stays right in the neighborhood where it was spent, building the community. This means it’s actually win-win-win with the recipient, business and local community all benefiting.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and we hope you’ll join us to make the lives of those in our community just a little bit better! 

To donate, click on "ORDER ONLINE" and go to the DONATE section.

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